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Here is a review from

The CMS-80A Handheld ECG monitor offers a low cost alternative to more expensive devices.  It provides single waveform readout from any of the standard 12 leads to help in determining whether you are experiencing a heart arrhythmia. 

The CMS-80A is a single channel, 12 lead monitor which can provide data via one of three ways:  on the unit display, via the thermal printer internal to the unit or via a USB connection to a PC.  The printout from the unit offers the easiest and most accurate means to view lead output.  While you can view lead output on the display, you will find that it is not to the same level of detail as the printout.  Like most normal ECG monitors, 10 electrodes are attached to the body as follows:  6 suction cup leads to the chest and 4 alligator clip leads to the arms and legs.  The unit does not rely on the normal press on style contacts but rather takes a simpler approach with its reusable contacts.  Personally, I wasn’t too impressed with the suction cup style contacts as they feel funny and leave a mark as if you had been attacked by an octopus.  But they seemed to do the job.  The alligator clips, while funky, were quick and easy to attach. 

The waveforms presented are not what you would expect from an ECG in your cardiologistís office, but they can provide the simple basics to make a quick determination whether you are in A-Fib.  In particular, by examining the output from Lead II, or perhaps Lead aVF you can quickly observe the absence of a P wave, one sign that you may be in A-Fib.  Additionally, examining R-R intervals and whether they are uniformly spaced can be another means to aid in that determination.

From a practical perspective, it could be that you choose to only attach the alligator leads to your arms and legs and forego using the chest leads.  You will obviously not have the data from the chest leads (V1 to V6) but that information may not be needed for A-Fib purposes.

PRICE: $375.00

The smallest Handheld ECG in the world

FDA Approved ~ A built-in thermal printer ~ Free PC software ~ Free USB cable included

A roll of paper included ~ Warranty: 2 years

*10 leads wire / Single channel . Display and print 8 different waveform alternatively

* auto / manual leads selection and operation . Real time recording on paper . Adjustbale printing speed.

*Hand-held single channel digital ECG machine with measurement report

*Automatic and manual operation modes

*LCD display ECG wave

*AC/DC power, built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery

Technical Parameters

*Input circuit : Floating

*Calibrating Voltage :1mV (+/-)5%

*Input current :<100nA

*CMRR :>103dB

*A/D :12bit

*Frequency Response: 0.05Hz -- 150Hz

*Filter :AC 50/60Hz EMG: 35-4Hz

*Skin Voltage Tolerance :(+/-)300mV

*Sensitivity Setting: 5 ?10 ?20mm/mV, conversion deviation<=5%

*Noisy Level :<=15Vp-p

*Safety standard :IEC class I, type CF

*Lead selection :Automatic and Manual

*Operation mode :Automatic and Manual

*Display :LCD 160*96 visual size: 34*60

*Recording system :Thermal-array printing

*Power supply: AC100V-AC220V(+/-)10% DC 7.4 lithium battery


*Weight: 800g